Woman breathing clean air in the house


Breathing cool and clean air is the dream of everybody and ours too at Coldaction. We understand the risk that you and your family go through due to exposure to numerous small and fine particles. Such vulnerability is even worse for kids given that they spend most of their time on the floor where they interact with millions of dust particles.

Our experience in advocating for cool and clean air breathing has taught us that such small pollutants are not to be underestimated since they can travel to deeper sections of the respiratory tract and have adverse health implications specifically in older adults and children.

Often, when you do not clean your air conditioners thoroughly as well as change the filters, the chances are high that different types of bacteria will accumulate in the air-con. This makes you susceptible to breathing air filled with all manners of dirt and bacteria. Our air conditioning specialists have the necessary knowledge and expertise to clean and disinfect your air-con for cool, clean, and fresh air.

Topics that we cover

Coldaction was introduced with the sole purpose of making homes fresher and cleaner by introducing measures to stay cool and breathe fresh air.Maintaining and servicing your air conditioners is ideal for the reduction of the amount you spend on electrical bills and more importantly keeping air fresh and clean.

We teach you many aspects of air conditioning including:

  •    Air-con general servicing
  •    Air-con chemical wash
  •    Air-con chemical overhaul
  •    Air-con repair
  •    Air-con installation

Why Choose Us

We have been in this industry for long, which has given us enough experience and lessons on what works best and what does not as far as clean and fresh air in the homes is concerned. Any of the topics that we write about are tested for efficiency.

We cover a range of topics and guides designed to ensure that you stay cool and breathe clean air, and which are available at pocket-friendly prices.

We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry in the provision of high quality and exceptional guides and topics in air conditioning. With highly trained and qualified individuals, we ensure that we give you customized information based on different challenges and need to stay cool and breathe fresh and clean air.

Commitment; we give our readers the best. We ensure this through one of our principles of giving priority to our readers. This has always ensured that we stand out from other individuals in the industry who do not value their readers.