Best Air Purifier for Smoke Reviews of 2018

Yuck! What stinks? Was Aunt Agnes lighting up again? Seriously, that woman is a walking chimney. If you’re worried that the air you’re breathing might have more smoke than.

We set out to find the best air purifier for smoke along with a new place for Aunt Agnes to stay. We only succeeded at finding one though.

air purifier Reviews

Our Number 1 choice

AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled

This is the best air purifier for smoke. Invest in an advanced air filter for smoke produced by Coway. Air Mega can remove cigarette smoke an enclosed space effectively without producing noise. It makes use of a maximum air filtration system that ensures 99.97% of the room is cleansed. It’s automated and you can set its speed and time for sleep mode. It’s perfect for rooms measuring up to 1,560 sq. ft.


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    Looks attractive and effective. Cleans 99.97% of impurities
  • Advanced. Real time monitoring is possible through a mobile app, compatible with Alexa
  • A good air cleaner - can cover as much as 1,560 sq. ft


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    Application for real time monitoring is not available worldwide. Hard to connect to Wi-Fi

Our Number 2 choice

Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet HEPA

This is yet another good air cleaner for smoke. This model is designed to adapt to and complement just about any space. You don't have to sacrifice style over comfort. Its customized panel and filter will give you exactly just what you need! It is very effective using the 6-stage HEPA filtration process.


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    Customizable panel and filter
  • Very quiet and can cover up to 700 sq ft
  • 5-year warranty with free shipping


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    Lacks odor sensor

Best for the Money

Blue Pure 211+

Fresh air smells great, but something that absorbs stubborn smells is even better when it’s affordable. With the simple push of one button, you can select your preferred fan speed and absorb gaseous pollutants using the Blue Pure Purifier. It makes use of three filtration stages. This could be considered the most cost-effective cigar air purifier as well.


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    99% effective- removes particulates and several kinds of pollutants
  • Perfect for medium to large rooms (400-600 sq ft)
  • 1-year warranty


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    Has a hard time removing cooking odors

Best for Families


Enjoy the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal with your family by investing in a brand sold by Alen Corporation. This customizable purifier removes odors from pets, dust, pollen, and several other allergens. This is perfect for family use as it can cover huge spaces, up to 900 sq ft. Proven effective as it uses HEPA filters.


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    Smart sensor that automatically detects and adjusts to different room quality
  • Cleans quietly
  • Available in 13 colors


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    Needs the replacement filters

Less than Ideal

Air Oasis Surface and Sanitizer

This pollutant and cigarette smoke filter is quite different from the other brands as it makes use of a different technology. It uses AHPCO (advanced hydration photocatalytic oxidation) technology by NASA. Though this may sound promising, this new technology has not established its effectiveness yet. In fact, proprietary AHPCO catalyst might create unknown byproducts. We do not know. When investing on a home product, you must prioritize safety.


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    Fast acting. Can clean within minutes
  • Can cover as much as 1000 sq ft
  • Uses a new technology, AHPCO


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    Not effective. This product doesn't even come close to its description as per reviews
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    Not proven safe for kids and the elderly as AHPCO may produce unknown byproducts
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Pros and Cons


A cigarette smoke filter is expected to be lightweigh, weighing approximately 10-20 pounds. Most makes use of a high efficiency particulate (HEPA) filter that effectively captures microscopic particles. You can choose to have a machine with replaceable or cleanable filters.


A smoking air filter that uses an electrostatic precipitator or ionizer may produce ozone, which is not good for the lungs (R). Ozone generators has been banned in California because of the serious threat it poses to the general public.

Other Ways to Reduce Atmosphere Irritants

  • Vacuum more often and use HEPA filtration
  • Do not allow smoking inside your home
  • Change air filters regularly
  • Avoid lightning candles and wood fires
  • Use exhaust fans
  • Remove toxic chemicals in your living quarters
  • Refrain from opening your windows to avoid pollen and dust from getting into your home

Things to Consider

Here are just a few things to look out for when buying a smoking air filter.


kid playing

What do you like? Do you need a timer, sensors, filter life indicator, UV light, and more? Get one that has the features needed for a smoke free home.

Effectiveness of a smoke filter

All purifiers are different from one another. A lower end purifier may eliminate just 30% of air pollutants while a higher quality model can remove nearly 100% of smoke particles. Check the coverage of the machine in square feet to measure its performance. (R) and you might need different kinds of kinds of unit, depending or if your are using for your car and do not want to get smoke smell on your clothes.

Location and Square Footage

Where will you put and use your purifier? This will greatly affect the machine's effectiveness. Make sure you know where you will place the unit and measure the size of the room before making a purchase.

Design of cigarette smoke filter

You may also want to consider the design of the model that you will be buying. Of course, you would want it to complement your house decor.


Buying a purifier is a good investment, but you don't have to waste money on items that are not effective and safe. Look for brands that claim significant results at reasonable prices.


All purifiers should come with a warranty. Choose one that includes a longer warranty.

Clean up your surroundings and create the healthiest space possible for you and your loved ones by investing in the best unit you can buy. With so many options to choose from, you'll surely find one that matches your needs and budget. And Aunt Agnes, head outside next time!