Best Ductless Air Conditioner Reviews of 2020!

Do you live in a ductless home? We’re not talking about the cute, feathery ducks. Air ducts can heat or effectively cool a room in minutes but if your home doesn’t already have them, installing them can be a massive financial headache.

Today, more homes are being fitted with the best ductless air conditioner systems available. This new technology offers several benefits and can be classified as a great addition to a home or office. Learn how your home can remain duct free (and hopefully duckless, too) below.

Best Ductless Air Conditioner

Our Number 1 choice

Pioneer AC

With this new model from Pioneer, you can now heat or cool your space quietly and effectively. It comes with a remote digital controller that will allow you to switch between four different operating modes - heating, cooling, ventilation, and dehumidification. An automatic switchover mode and timer are available as well. This convenient option suits homes and offices.


  • Top quality, efficient, and reliable
  • Affordable for its class
  • Provides maximum comfort 


  • Sometimes not in stock

Best DIY Unit


In most reviews, customers can be found complaining about installation. Good thing MrCool has created a model that is designed for amateurs. There’s no need to use special tools to get this unit installed! Anyone can install this very quickly.


  • Easier installation than most models
  • Controllable via app
  • 7 years compressor and 5 years parts warranty


  • Indoor unit's scroll fan bearing isn't the best quality as per mini split ac reviews

Best Bang For Your Buck

Senville Split AC and Heat Pump

Indulge with this super powerful air conditioner without spending a fortune! This is perfect for several applications - be it in your living room, office, garage, and more. It is very compact and is powered by a popular Toshiba compressor.


  • Affordable
  • Efficient for nearly all kinds of applications or use
  • 1-year parts and 5-year compressor warranty


  • Does not have a Wifi App.

Not Our Favorite

Sharp ac

When planning to buy a product for regular use, you really have to invest in something that is guaranteed effective and long lasting. This product from Sharp is said to be precise in cooling and heating spaces even without the use of ducts. However, only a few reviews are available at this time, making it difficult to judge. It seems like this product is new to many and has not established a good reputation yet.


  • High quality, precise, and removes bacteria
  • Automated - fan speed, power and restart mode, etc
  • Complete package (wall bracket, installation kit, wireless remote with LCD display) with 5-year compressor warranty


  • Only available from 3rd party sellers
  • Not as popular and established as other brands
  • Cables and line sets designed poorly

What is a Mini-Split System?

mini split

Also known as mini split air conditioners, these machines are indeed great additions to your space. Its main components include: (R)

  • An outdoor condenser responsible for pumping cool air to the inside of the machine
  • An indoor unit that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling that releases cool air
  • A conduit brings the indoor and outdoor portions together. This is done with tubes of refrigerant cooling, a condensate drain, and power supply.

The end result is a cooling machine that works much like central air but without the use of ducts. These machines are affordable, effective, and simple to maintain.

How Do They Work ?

Ductless AC is a great choice to go with when you are looking for an inexpensive way to cool your home. When Cold Action compared to ducted systems, ductless is much more efficient. Today, we will be going over why this is true and how they work. 


Expanding more on these two components of the ductless AC, both indoor and outdoor units have a specific function in the ductless ac.

Indoor Parts of a Ductless AC

The indoor components of is where the most striking differences between its ducted counterpart exist. When it comes to ductless AC, there is a evaporator coil and separate fan in the indoor unit. The great thing about indoor components is they can be placed strategically anywhere. Depending on their placement, you can easily get an entire building cooled off or warmed. Make sure you look for a good seer rating before purchasing an AC. 

Outdoor Parts of a Mini-split

Compressor: When it comes to the heart and brain of a system, the compressor is it for the AC unit. As such, it is a very expensive and important component. From the name, you can get that this piece of the AC helps compress high level gas into low level gas. Check out our trouble shooting guide if you are having issues.

When to Use one?

Ductless AC is truly revolutionary. It is a versatile means of cooling and can be used in many different convenient situations. They are also very quiet and extremely efficient. No matter where you need an AC, you will likely be able to use a ductless AC. Also, when taking into consideration SEER ratings, ductless AC has the highest ratings available for air conditioning units. 

How to install one?


  • Saves Electricity: You can save as much as 30% on your electric bill
  • Easy to Install: You can call an HVAC specialist or do it yourself by following the manufacturer's manual
  • Better for Allergies: Air pollutants won't have ducts to thrive in anymore! Say goodbye to expensive duct cleanings as well.
  • Quiet: Cools effectively without producing noise pollution

Greater Temperature Control of Mini-Split

Can cool one or more spaces. You can have full control on the temperature of specific rooms. If you and your family have different preferred temperatures, you can forget about arguments and save on cooling costs simultaneously with mini split ACs.


The use of the best ductless air conditioner is a practical way to keep your space comfortable and clean. It is indeed a good investment. Hopefully our article  has made it easier to visualize yourself with a more comfortable home.