Best Place to Put a Humidifier in a Bedroom?

Humidifiers have become increasingly popular. They are great for cleaning the air in your home and helping with any breathing trouble ​you may have. So, which is the best place to put a humidifier in a bedroom? Many people also use humidifiers to help them sleep. Knowing which location is the best in order to get the most optimal sleep is important. Today we will be discussing just that and help you find the perfect place to enjoy not only your day but a good night rest as well.


When it comes to placing your humidifier in your bedroom, the best place to put a humidifier in a bedroom requires you to look at a few considerations.


If you have pets, they can also benefit from the humidifier. If you have pets in your bedroom that you want to also get some benefits from humidifier, placing it closer to the ground can help. Do not place the humidifier on the ground exactly, however. Doing so might have your pet messing with the humidifier and that is not what you want. You also want to avoid having to disinfect it often.

Also, some homeowners do not want a humidifier for their pets. In this case, there animals may even try and mess with the humidifier when they should not. Taking this into consideration, you should try to place your humidifier and a higher Place. The TV stand in your room is a good place to do this.

Humidity in the Room

A lot of people buy humidifiers and they don't really think about why they bought it or what exactly humidifier does. Well, checking the humidity in the room is a great way to prepare yourself to use the humidifier. Humidifiers simply put moisture back into the air of your home. When your home's air is dry, having that additional moisture can help prevent issues it home.

So, knowing which parts of your home has the highest humidity is important. There is a device called a hygrometer which is perfect for measuring the amount of humidity in a specific area. Using this, you can easily find out which area in your bedroom needs dehumidifier the most. That is, of course, if you are using it to add moisture to the air.

Size of Humidifier

The more people that are typically in your bedroom, the greater the size of your humidifier. This obviously helps with deciding where you should place the humidifier. Bigger humidifiers need a little bit more space around them in order to properly disperse mist into the air. Placing the humidifier in a corner it's never a bad idea if it is large.

Reason for Purchase

Next you're going to want to look at why you purchase a humidifier in the first place. Determining this will help in locating the best place to put a humidifier in a bedroom.

 For example, if you bought it to help you with breathing troubles because of allergies, you will likely want to have the humidifier as close to you as possible. Having this on a nightstand next to your bed is a wonderful place to improve your breathing. In conjunction with this, if you are having trouble sleeping you will benefit greatly from this position.

There are some people who buy humidifiers simply to help put more moisture in the air or to help their babies with a cold. If that is the case, having the humidifier as near to the center of the room as possible is a wonderful idea. If you think about it, the center of the room is the best place to put the humidifier because it can easily diffuse throughout the room. and you do not want the humidifier reaching one part of the room and not the other. The best way to prevent this is by centering it as best you can.