Whole House Humidifier Reviews – Best of 2020 Compared

While it might be hard to pick the best whole house humidifier, it’s worth researching if you don’t want to look like a dried fruit at 40.

This guide offers you a chance to read brief whole house humidifier reviews and explain to you the countless benefits of having an appliance like that at home.

Whole House Humidifier Reviews

Our Number 1 choice

Aprilaire 700 Automatic

This is one of the most powerful options available and guarantees that even a large house will stay humidified. You don’t need to control the appliance as the automatic features run it smoothly. It’s low-maintenance and a regular check-up once a year should be enough. While we normally prefer ultrasonic humidifiers, they are not adequate for any home.


  • Smart automatic mode and controls
  • High capacity
  • Quiet


  • Sometimes not in stock
Aprilaire 500

This model takes into consideration the temperature outside, so the colder it gets, the lower the humidity levels will be inside. It’s a powerful model (evaporative rate of 0.5 gallons per hour), which makes it the best bypass type. However, it only works when the furnace is on, which could lead to extra costs.


  • Smart outdoor sensors
  • Quiet
  • All-season option


  • Only works for a coverage area of up to 3000 square feet

Low maintenance

Aprilaire 400

The Aprilaire 400 works well in any house up to 4,000 square feet. It will also allow a user to save money, as the water usage levels are minimal. While it’s not the most powerful option, it’s definitely the best option for those who care about water preservation.


  • The best home humidifier evaporation rates (up to 0.7 gallons/hour)
  • Utilizes 100% of water
  • Low-maintenance


  • Water panel should be replaced twice a year

Best for Large Rooms

Boneco Steam

Although it’s an option only for large rooms, it’s a useful appliance. Steam produced by Boneco is clean and the unit presents no danger for children. There is also an option of scented humidifying with essential oils. (R)


  • Provides bacteria-free steam
  • No mineral output
  • Operate automatically


  • Only works in rooms up to 860 square feet

Best Steam Humidifier


According to several the Emerson model with an output of 13 gallons per day is a great fit for houses anywhere from 1400 square feet. It produces clean steam that is safer than the alternatives. This Emerson model is all metal with a simple design and could last a decade.


  • Precise and efficient humidity control
  • Best humidifier for larger homes
  • Self-cleaning option


  • Premature corrosion is possible

Benefits of Humidifiers

Improved overall well-being


Tired of itchy skin, cracked lips, and pain in your eyes? One of the reasons you might be experiencing those unpleasant effects is low humidity levels. When the air in your house is dry, your body feels it first. Your home will also be protected an ideal humidity level. (R)

Prevents flu and common allergies

People living in houses with low humidity often report breathing issues and allergies, which worsen in flu or cold seasons. The best humidifier for whole house doesn’t let your nose or throat feel dry, and even more, will ease your symptoms. If you have asthma, a humidifier could improve breathing and decrease sleeping issues. (R)

Reduction of health issues

It’s scientifically proven that viruses and bacteria can survive easier when humidity levels are down. Your mucus membrane and immune system are negatively affected as well, giving viruses more opportunities to harm you.

Improved Sleeping Experience by Placing it in your Bedroom

Investing in the best humidifier can help you get quality sleep. When the air is constantly moving and staying fresh, it’s easier to fall asleep and control breathing problems. Plus, different symptoms like a sore throat or excessive thirst won’t bother a person in a well-humidified house. Just make sure you place it in the right room.

Features to Consider

A simple control panel

A top rated whole house humidifier should have an easy-to-read control panel, so you can set the controls easily. Look for standard sensors as well.

A humidistat

Think about buying humidifier types that have an automatic humidistat in them. It will help you gain more control when increasing humidity levels, so they don’t rise too high and lead to interior mold.

Minimal maintenance

Cleaning is key to keeping your humidifier up and running. There is one simple rule: drain, rinse, dry, repeat. This should be done daily, but also remember that once a week your humidifier must be disinfected.

You might also want to get some water filters so add this in when figuring out your home humidifiers cost.

A timer

A timer is a saver for those who are frequently out and about. If you set a timer, your humidifier will start working when you need it, so you don’t waste energy and money to humidify your house when no one is there.

It’s possible to choose the best whole house humidifier if you are prepared. Decide on the type you need and carefully measure your living space. You’ll be enjoying humid air and putting off your dried-fruit appearance before you know it.