Which is the Correct Ceiling Fan Direction for Cooling?

​Many homes have a ceiling fan. However, many people do not think about the ceiling fan direction for cooling. Most just see a ceiling fan and turn it on. Once it is on, the room gets cool. Thinking about the mechanics of the ceiling fan is not common. However, thinking about the direction can make a huge difference in the amount of cooling that a ceiling fan can accomplish in your household. Even though it may not seem like it can make a difference, it surely can. The staff at Cold Action will be going over ceiling fan direction for cooling and helping you get your ceiling fan spinning correctly.

​Cooling in the Winter

Cooling in the Winter

During the winter you do not need that much cool air. As such, you will want to go in the reverse effect. This direction is the clockwise direction. It is opposite from a clock actually. So, clockwise is actually the reverse direction. The way air works is warm air tends to build up at the top of the house. So, if you turn your ceiling fan in the reverse direction, this will help circulate that warm air that is at the top of your home and send it back to the bottom.

​Cooling in the Summer

As suspected, if you are looking for cooling in the summer, you will be doing the opposite direction of winter cooling which is forward. The forward direction is the counterclockwise direction. Doing this also has the opposite effect as when you want to cool in the winter. Instead of sending all the warm air at the top of your home to the ground, all of the air at the bottom of the house is circulated throughout. 

Cooling in the Summer

​Why Use a Ceiling Fan

Now, you may be asking yourself why you would use a ceiling fan over a traditional AC unit. Well, there are many reasons you would want to use a ceiling fan. For starters, ceiling fans are so much cheaper. Not only are they cheaper to purchase, but they are energy and cost-efficient. This means that you will save a lot more money on electricity bills and the payment up front then you would if you went with traditional AC units. Check our outdoor ceiling fan reviews page.

Another great reason to use ceiling fans is the eco-friendly functionality to them. They do not release any chemicals into the air like some traditional air conditioning systems do. They also can be used in both the summer and winter as discussed above.

Why Use a Ceiling Fan

​Determining the Direction of your Ceiling Fan

Determining the Direction of your Ceiling Fan

Now that you know the difference between summer and winter cooling, let's talk about how you can see which direction your ceiling fan is. If you stand under your ceiling fan while it is on and pay close attention to the direction that your blades are spinning, you should be able to determine if your ceiling fan is working for summer or winter. So, from top to right it should look similar to a clock hand if it is set up for a winter cooling and vice versa for summer cooling.