Wondering Why Did Your Ceiling Fan Stopped Working?

Ceiling fans are becoming less common overtime. This means the amount of people who know how to troubleshoot them is fading. It still is important to know how to fix your ceiling fan when it stops working. Thus, today at Cold Action we will be going over what to do if your ceiling fan stopped working. There can be several causes of this occurrence and examining each will give you a better understanding and make you a prime candidate in fixing the problem.

​Common Issues

Common Issues

With so many different issues that can occur even if you buy the best outdoor ceiling fan, being prepared for anything is the best option. Let’s go over a few common issues that can arise with your ceiling fan.


If you have ever owned a ceiling fan or been to a home with one, you should have seen the scary wobbling ceiling fan. Not only does this make everyone in the room uncomfortable, it is also not very safe. Fixing this issue is not that difficult, however. 

To start, you will want to unscrew your ceiling fan from the electrical box. Be careful during this step. You can also turn off the electricity in the room of your ceiling fan for extra safety. After unscrewing the electrical box, you should lower the bracket housing. Another component of the electrical box that could make your ceiling fan wobble is if it is the wrong type of box.  

Every ceiling fan model has a certain type of electrical box support that it needs. If the person who installed the ceiling fan used the wrong type of support, it will wobble. Your best solution to this is to contact a certified electrician to check if the support is a good match for your ceiling fan.

Otherwise, simply check the support bracket as well as the drop rod. Screw and tighten all bolts and see if it fixes your problem.

Not Reversing

Reversing your ceiling fan spin direction is important for many people. Having the fan spin the wrong way during the summer or winter can cause the ceiling fan to be completely useless. Some people have a ceiling fan that is simply not reversing direction.

For older fans, the best way to fix this problem is to replace the reverse switch. It is not hard for these to stop working due to old age. The switch could also not be completely set to one direction. 

Not Working At All

Now, if your ceiling fan is not working at all, it is likely due to the electricity to the unit. Most of the time, you do not have to worry about anything else causing the ceiling fan to completely stop functioning. 

We advise checking the circuit breaker and switch to make sure everything looks okay. Open up the casing to the switch that you use to control your ceiling fan. Get out a voltage tester and make sure there is electricity going to the switch. 

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