How to Install a Ceiling Fan Where No Fixture Exists?

We already spoke about which are our favorite fan and you read that article by clicking here. Ceiling fans are very practical and good to have in any home. For that reason, having one installed where no fixture exists is something people try to do all the time. However many do not know how to install a ceiling fan where no fixture is this. Today, we will be going over exactly that. Though, it is a challenge, it can still be done. It is important to make sure to follow the steps completely. Otherwise, you can end up damaging your home or the ceiling fan.

Locate a Good Spot

If you're going to be installing your ceiling fan, you need to first find a good place to do it. You should know by now that the ceiling fan that you're about to install can be heavy. If you end up installing in a bad location, it can lead to very dangerous circumstances. So, the best place to put your ceiling fan is between two joints. Once you find a spot like this, go ahead and cut a hole with a hand saw.

Electrical Box Installation

Now that you have a nice looking hole where you want to install your ceiling fan, it's time to install the electrical box. This part can be a bit difficult, but as long as you follow the the manufacturer's instructions that came with the electrical box, you should be fine. The process is simply placing the bracing that came with your electrical box on to the to joists that we discussed before.

Safety Concerns

At this point things can get a little dangerous. Working with the electrical wires and components in your household can potentially lead to death if you do not know what you are doing. It is important to stay safe at this point and if you ever feel like you cannot handle it, you need to contact a professional. Now, before we begin, you should go to your breaker and make sure to turn off the electricity in the area of your house that you will be working on. Coldaction recommends that you consult a professional for all electrical jobs

For additional safety, pull out a voltage tester and check all the wires before you begin to work with them. You need to make sure that all the wires are free of electricity so that there are no issues when you start connecting them to your ceiling fan. also make sure that is set to the right direction before installing it.

Connecting Wires

After it is confirmed that the electricity is off and all of the wires are electricity free, you can begin to start connecting your electrical box. Pay close attention to the instructions that came with your electrical box so that you do not miss any cords. You should also figure out which light switch you want to control your ceiling fan with. This is important in the installation of the electrical box.

Placing the Ceiling Fan

Now that you have your electrical box installed, all you have left to do is to place your ceiling fan up. Make sure the electrical box that you have is certified to hold the ceiling fan that you plan to install. You can see this in the manufacturer's manual. After placing your ceiling fan, it is ideal to go ahead and pull on the ceiling fan a little to make sure it is firmly in place.