Learn How to Make a Swamp Cooler Colder?

Swamp coolers are neat and inexpensive. Many people in dryer locations utilize swamp coolers to help cool them off. However, for some people they simply do not get cold enough. This leads them to ask how to make a swamp cooler colder. Since so many people have asked this question, it truly has become easier to make a swamp cooler colder. You simply have to know how to go about doing it. Today, we will be going over how to make a swamp cooler colder and swamp coolers in general.


One of the best ways to help increase the coolness of your swamp cooler is by placing it in the most ideal position. The way best swamp coolers work, you will want to place it in the shade. If there is an area in your house that has a lot of shade or that is cool naturally, placing the swamp cooler there will inevitably make it colder. The key here is to keep the swamp cooler away from the sun. This way, the water inside the swamp cooler is not getting heat up. The warmer the water, the less cool your air will be. Learn Exactly How to Use a Swamp Cooler and Keep the Heat Away!

Another positioning technique is to use an open window. With the window open, a breeze can come through your home. This will help the swamp cooler in creating that cool circulation throughout your home.



Something that many people neglect is properly taking care of their swamp cooler. Before taking care its important that you know a swamp fan works. If proper maintenance is not practiced, your swamp cooler not only will stop spewing colder air, but it also may stop working. There are cooling pads located inside of the swamp cooler, and if they get dirty, they will cease to function properly. You may also replace these cooling pads if you feel it is too late to properly clean them now.

While on the topic of maintenance, a great way to increase the coldness of your swamp cooler is in the water management. Making sure that your swamp cooler has enough cool water in it will help with the efficiency of operation of the machine.


To end, there is one more trick you can try in order to make your swamp cooler blow colder air. Using the internal water pump, flood the cooling pads first before turning the fan on. This will allow for the swamp cooler to immediately disperse cold air when you first turn it on.

The heat can be a big deal when it comes in the summer. Being prepared with these swamp cooler tips and tricks is the best way to defend yourself against the heat. In the end, if your swamp cooler is still not blowing cold enough air, you may live in an area where they are not as efficient as they should be. Switching to a more traditional AC unit during this situation is not a bad idea.