Wondering Why is Your Portable AC is Not Cooling?

Portable air conditioning systems are simply amazing. They can do so much and being able to carry them around wherever you may want to go comes in handy. Though, all things have their faults.

Portable air conditioners rarely mess up. As such, being informed on troubleshooting them is even more important. Most people are not prepared for a malfunction simply because they barely happen. So, today we will be going over issues like your AC not cooling and how you can go about figuring out why it is happening. even the best smallest portable air conditioners are not designed to cool larger rooms, let alone multiple rooms.

What Is Portable AC

Many people still find it hard to distinguish  AC from other units in the air conditioning world. So, before we begin, let's discuss what exactly  AC is. When it comes to defining a  AC, the main characteristic is displayed in its size and portability and cost effectiveness.

There are some fans and other cooling systems that are similar to air conditioners but  AC is capable of cooling an entire room. When you see one, they are typically located on the floor and have similar controls to standard air conditioners.

AC is Not Starting

When troubleshooting an AC that is not starting, you first want to look at the power source of the air conditioner. There is always a chance that the AC is not properly plugged in. Also, the power outlet could be the culprit. If so, taking the AC to a local repair shop is a good idea. You should try and use multiple different plugs before spending additional money to try and get it repaired.

Portable AC is not starting

Portable AC not cooling

Your AC is not much of an air conditioner if it is not cooling. So, it can be easy to get frustrated when your AC is not doing the one thing it is supposed to be doing. However, there could be many different reasons for your AC not cooling enough. You should also take into consideration the size of the room that you're trying to cool down. 

Next, make sure that you are properly taking care of your machine. A dirty machine can easily lead to malfunction. If you can not pinpoint the issue with your AC not cooling, trying cleaning it and see if that fixes it. Lastly, try changing the location of your AC. Location can play a factor in how well your AC is cooling.

If it is in a bad place such as directly in the path of sunlight from your window, it can cause the machine to not properly cool.

If all else fails, do  not be afraid to contact a certified electrician to look at your machine. Occasionally, fixing the issue yourself may not be possible. ​


When your  AC isn't cooling, the culprit could be many different things. You should first look at the size of your machine. Make sure it is big enough to cool your large room if you have it in a larger room. Positioning is also key along with proper maintenance. Most  ACs do not run into many issues, so if you are still having troubles, it could easily be something on the inside malfunction. Contacting a professional is not out of the question. 

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