Quiet Window Air Conditioner: the Quietest AC of 2020?

Having a quiet window air conditioner is not an option, it’s a necessity for comfortable living. But if noise pollution in the room drives you crazy, it’s better to look for the most quiet air conditioner.

This ColdAction guide presents the most popular rated window-mounted air conditioners and gives you a chance to understand the process of installing an AC. You’ll also get an idea of how to make your device run longer and smoother.

Quiet Window Air Conditioner Reviews

Quietest AC Unit

Frigidaire Median Slide-Out Chassis

This is an ultra-quiet air conditioner that will never bother your sleep or disturb your work. It doesn’t consume too much energy and can be an extra source of heat when it gets cold outside. The washable filters remove air pollutants, which makes it a good choice for a family.


  • Energy saving mode
  • Easily cools rooms up to 1,050 square feet
  • 8-way air direction


  • Not a compact size

Our 2nd Choice

LG Unit with Remote Control

This LG product offers a no-frills remote control option that, along with a 24-hour on/off timer, makes it extremely easy to operate. The anti-corrosion coating ensures that you will enjoy this quiet window AC unit for a long time.


  • Sleek styling
  • Different cooling and higher fan speeds
  • Easy to use timer


  • Only for rooms up to 340 square feet

Best for the Money

Friedrich Energy Star Chill Series Room AC Unit

It’s a relatively  quiet window AC unit that also allows its user to save money. When turned on, the machine goes into MoneySaver mode, so it must be switched to the cooling regime.


  • Automated air-sweep louvers
  • The fan is on only when cooling
  • Antimicrobial filters


  • Compressor produces vibrations

Best for Families


Frigidaire produces clean, fresh air with its air ionizer and vents, which makes it a good option especially for families with kids or allergy sufferers. This durable, quiet room AC can serve for a very long time. Different modes allow saving energy, fully controlling the unit remotely and setting up a sleeping mode for a comfortable night for you and your little ones.


  • Air Ionizer
  • Works for large rooms (up to 1,900 square feet)
  • Low-power startup


  • Requires a 230v outlet

How to Install it?

Step 1

How to Install

Begin by reading the manual. Open the bottom sash of the window and prepare your mounting brackets or different extensions. Insert and place your hopefully lightweight window unit in a window. Check in the manual how to position it properly. and make sure you picked the right size AC for the job.

Step 2

Close your window on top of the AC; remember that once you close your window, the AC must be secure. An L-bracket can help you secure that window. Note that there could be more than one needed.

Step 3

Screw the air conditioner’s side curtains in place firmly to keep the hot air out. It also repels bugs and keeps moisture out. If not done properly, that could lead to bigger troubles with most quiet air conditioner window units. Remember that the proper insulation is still required for a device to work properly. Consider insulation panels.

Step 4

Some manufacturers provide an AC with another level of protection – brackets to secure it on a windowsill. If you have those, screw them in.

Step 5

Plug the AC in and start cooling your room. If you see that your AC requires an additional step, refer to the manual as it should have all the necessary instructions.

Operating Tips

Everyone wants their quiet window AC to work longer, and even though each unit has a lifespan, a few tips could help you prolong it.

  • Regularly check your AC both inside and outside. Outside, don’t let any debris collect in the unit. Check leaf guards as well. Inside, make sure no furniture sits in the AC’s way.
  • Keep the cool air in the room. Close windows and fireplace dampers when your AC is on.
  • Keep your unit clean with these tips.
  • Always avoid blocking the airflow.
  • Shade a room if possible to make it easier for an AC to cool it down.
  • Weatherstrip your windows and doors to help your quiet window air conditioner keep the cool air in the room.
  • Only use household appliances that heat up while working (e.g., a dishwasher) at night or during cooler hours.
  • if you need to learn how to recharge it, we wrote an article on this.

What Size Window AC Unit Do I Need?

Every home is different. If you are moving into a new house and know you will need an air conditioning system, you may be asking yourself what size AC unit do I need? Well, today we will be helping you make that decision. Deciding on a size for your AC unit can be difficult if you do not know what to look for and why.

Luckily, here ColdAction we will be glad to go over: what size AC unit do I need to avoid having to recharge it often.

Matching the Room

The most important part about deciding on an air conditioner size is making sure the room matches up with the AC. Some people may simply choose to go with a bigger sized AC no matter what. This is not a good idea as the cost and energy efficiency would be way off. The way air conditioners work is by recirculating the air around your home. If too much air is circulating and not enough humidity is being taken away, problems can occur.

As such, you will not be comfortable sitting in a room with a larger than it should be AC unit. If you have a rectangular room, simply taking the length of the room and the width and multiply them together. What you will get is the square footage of the area. This is perfect as that is exactly what we need to pick a good size AC unit. Look for the quietest window ac if this is for your bedroom.

Cooling Capacity

Now that you know how big your room is, it is time to check the size of AC units that are available. The way that cooling capacity is measured is in BTU or British Thermal Unit. It basically represents the power that an AC unit has to cool off a room. protect your investment by keeping it clean.

For areas that are 100 to 450 square feet, you will be looking for an AC unit that falls in the ranges 5000 to 10000 respectively.


If at any time you feel like your AC is too big or small for your home, do not be afraid to contact a trained professional or ask ColdAction.com. Having someone come take a look and replace your AC for you is never a bad idea. There are also a few other things to take into consideration before buying your AC. Firstly, look around your house and notice if there are few or small areas that your sun reaches in. If you have a lot of shaded area, it may benefit you to go with a smaller sized AC for less cooling. Also this works vice versa. If you have a lot of sunlight passing through your home, you will need a higher BTU to cool it down.

Another tip is adding 600 BTU to the unit that you are trying to find for every person that lives in your home. The more people, the more body heat is produced. It is necessary to have this number of BTU increase for every person.

How to Clean a Window AC Unit ?

Summer heat is often unbearable depending on where you live. Having a window AC unit can be very helpful during the summer heat. However, since the AC unit is taking air in from the outside world, you can only imagine the amount of dirt and debris that can get stuck in the air conditioning system. So, many people are left wondering how to clean a window AC unit.
The process is not difficult, you just need to know what you are doing. It can also differ from unit to unit so we ColdAction.com will do our best to cover a broad and general idea of how to clean a window AC unit.

Getting Started

Before we begin cleaning the window AC unit, we have to make sure that all the electricity to the AC is off. This is very important for safety reasons. Simply unplugging the AC is sufficient. Some AC units do not have a plug and are connected to your house internally. In this case, turn off the breaker fuse and take care of the capacitor power. Do not skip over discharging the capacitor. This can lead to fatal results if the capacitor remains charged. 

Simple Cleaning

Now that you have successfully turned off the power to the the AC unit and are sure you have discharged the capacitor, you can begin to wipe down the outer exterior of the AC unit. Using a wet cloth, try to get as much dirt and dust off of the machine. Afterwards, you can open up the front cover. Depending on your AC unit, you may need to remove some screws before doing so.

Check to see if you’re unit has a filter. If so, it likely needs to be cleaned or replaced. Cleaning the filter is not hard at all. Using soap and water in a bucket, scrub the filter in the mix until you feel like it is sufficiently cleaned. Then, let it air dry. In the event that you do have a disposable filter, make sure to get it changed at least once a month.


One of the best ways to clean the inside of your air conditioner is with a vacuum. Using a suction hose on the vacuum, start getting up any dirt or lint inside of the AC unit. The vacuum extension is not required. You also have the option of using a wet cloth for this step as well. For maximum cleaning efforts, it is advised to use both.

Getting Those Coils

Lastly, you will want to clean your coils. Dirty coils can lead to a lot of unwanted issues with your AC unit. As such, it is advised to clean them regularly. You should use coil cleaning solution to do so and wear some type of protective goggles and gloves. Simply spraying the coils with your coil cleaning solution and letting it sit for about 20 minutes will do the job. After, remove all the cleaner from the coil using some warm water.

Now that you have successfully cleaned everything, you can start to put all the components back on to the AC. You should ensure that the parts and pieces that you have cleaned are dry before turning any electricity on and even before putting the unit back together.this would also be a good time to recharge your air conditioner.

Picking the right quiet window air conditioner becomes much easier when one knows what to look for. If you are familiar with the most popular brands of low noise level units and are aware of their positive and negative aspects, your chances of getting a perfect product increase. And always remember that any AC could serve you longer if you use it properly.

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