Learn Exactly What Does a Hepa Filter Do

HEPA filters have become very popular nowadays. So, what does a HEPA filter do? That is what we will be going over today. When it comes to the cleaning of air, humidifiers have also been a very major player. There are also other product on the market that are in this exact same category. Thinking on what a humidifier does as well as other air purifiers, you should have a rough idea before we get started on what a HEPA filter is and what it does. Check out our air purifiers for cigarette smoke.

What is a HEPA Filter?

So, what exactly is a HEPA filter. Well when it comes to cleaning your air, HEPA filters are the prime product. Let's look at what HEPA stands for. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. It is a type of filter that simply helps clean the air. The way it works is it captures air that otherwise would be circulated back into your home. This air that it captures is dirty and the remaining air in your home remains clean.

Types of HEPA Filters

There are two types of HEPA filters. So, the best way to explain this is by looking at the efficiency of the filter. The two types are true and absolute filters. If a HEPA filter is to be a true HEPA filter, it needs to be able to capture at the very least 99.97% of particles. For the most part, if a filter has the tag of true or absolute HEPA filter, it can get expensive.

It is also important to note that these types of filters are labeled as true or absolute. There are other filters that may look and resemble true HEPA filters, but they are not. It is essential that you keep a lookout for the true tag on these HEPA filters if that is the filter that you are trying to buy.

Benefits of HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are occasionally bought to be used inside of vacuums. If they are used inside of a vacuum, it can help your vacuum from throwing out more dirt when it circulates. Keeping this dirt and dust from being thrown back into your Air is wonderful for  keeping your air clean and your allergies down. and it can also prevent you from getting the smell of smoke on our clothes or your car.

​HEPA filters are the highest grade filters you can use. If you want cleaner air, using HEPA filters is highly recommended. It is a high standard in the industry of filtration. Whenever you see HEPA, you should know that you are getting best filtration you can get. 


​Now, you should know more about HEPA. A few important facts to take away from this article is that there are two different types of HEPA filters. You should always try to stick with true HEPA filters as they offer the highest filtration possible. Also, keep a look out for any filter that claims to be HEPA when it really is not. There are fake HEPA products that can end up causing you harm by not filtering to the standards of true HEPA filters.